~La Belle Dame Sans Merci~

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

My imagination is a monastery and I am its monk.
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"I have been astonished that men could die martyrs for religion - I have shuddered at it. I shudder no more - I could be martyred for my religion - Love is my religion - I could die for that."
-John Keats

""Yet one had ancestors in literature as well as in one's own race, nearer perhaps in type and temperament, many of them, and certainly with an influence of which one was more absolutely conscious. There were times when it appeared to Dorian Gray that the whole of history was merely the record of his own life, not as he had lived it in act and circumstance, but as his imagination had created it for him, as it had been in his brain and in his passions. He felt that he had known them all, those strange terrible figures that had passed across the stage of the world and made sin so marvellous and evil so full of subtlety. It seemed to him that in some mysterious way their lives had been his own."
-Oscar Wilde

"I know that two and two make four - and should be glad to prove it too if I could - though I must say if by any sort of process I could convert 2 and 2 into five it would give me much greater pleasure."
-Lord Byron

"All good poetry is forged slowly and patiently, link by link, with sweat and blood and tears."
-Lord Alfred Douglas

"When my cats aren't happy, I'm not happy. Not because I care about their mood but because I know they're just sitting there thinking up ways to get even."
-Percy Bysshe Shelley

"Although our love is waning, let us stand
By the lone border of the lake once more,
Together in that hour of gentleness
When the poor tired child, Passion, falls asleep:
How far away the stars seem, and how far
Is our first kiss, and ah, how old my heart!"
-W.B. Yeats

"Perhaps I fear him because I could love him again, and in loving him, I would come to need him, and in needing him, I would again be his faithful pupil in all things, only to discover that his patience for me is no substitute for the passion which long ago blazed in his eyes."
-from The Vampire Armand, by Anne Rice

"I can't help being a gorgeous fiend, it's just the card I drew."
-Lestat, from Queen of the Damned, by Anne Rice

"But where are we really?" Daniel asked. "Tell me!"
"I told you. It's just a dream. But if you want a name, let me call it the gateway of life and death. I'll bring you with me through this gateway. And why? Because I am a coward. And I love you too much to let you go."
-Daniel and Armand, from The Queen of the Damned, by Anne Rice

"I don't like myself, you know. I love myself. I'm devoted to myself till my dying day. But I don't like myself."
-Lestat, from Memnoch the Devil, by Anne Rice

"I'm trimmed in memories as if in old furs. I lift my arm and the sleeve of memory covers it. I look around and see other times. But you know what frightens me the most -- it is that this state, like so many others with me, will prove the verge of nothing but extend itself over centuries."
-from the Vampire Armand, by Anne Rice

"How can so much beauty hide such a bruised and steely heart, and why must I love him, why must I lean in my weariness upon his irresistible yet indomitable strength? Is he not the wizened funeral spirit of a dead man in a child's clothes?"
-from The Vampire Armand, by Anne Rice

"Only the impossible can do the impossible."
-Nicolas, from The Vampire Lestat, by Anne Rice

"I close my eyes, you come right to me
Should I fold you under and over again
So that you are so tiny and no one can see?
And it'll be alright for me to carry you around with me.
Should I fold you like a dead poem
and stick you in a tea cup
With a crack and the broke-off handle
That I can't throw away but I can't drink either..."
-Evangelista, The Blue Room
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